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Whatever changes you are hoping to make or goals you are trying to achieve, FE will provide you with sound, evidence-based and individualized support and professional guidance every step of the way. Take a look at my site and see all that I can do for you today. FE doesn't just MEET the NEED, but we Close the Gaps at the intersection of policy and practice.

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Fully engage is a private educational consulting company that was developed via a passion and purpose to allow students, schools, and teachers experience success by focusing on the 5 areas, which I call flames, that ignite achievement: policy, process, practice, performance, and partnerships.

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After years of serving diverse students, leaders, and teachers at all levels to provide quality instruction, FULLY ENGAGE was birthed with the hopes to continue to supporting individual schools, school districts, and SEAs to better understand how to use the 5 flames of education to ignite student achievement.  Dr. Christopher Holmes, the founder of FULLY ENGAGE has had the opportunity to challenge and provide opportunities for students, teachers, leaders, individual schools, and school districts by way of exciting and engaging professional development, peer coaching, real world and relevant connections, and data driven decision making. He has helped to identify barriers and create avenues with clarity to establish realistic and attainable expectations that strengthen key learning skills,  instructional effectiveness, increases accountability, establishes community, and promote increased student outcomes. 

He has worked his entire career toward positively addressing student learning which becomes evident through gains in achievement performance data.
Fully Engage stands firmly on the belief that all students CAN ACHIEVE, all teachers CAN BE HIGH QUALITY, all leaders EFFECTIVE, and all schools and school districts CAN EXPERIENCE SUCCESS.  In order for all of these beliefs to come to fruition, students, teachers, leaders, schools, & school districts need to be ignited in 5 areas, or 5 flames. These flames are:

1. Understanding All Federal, SEA, LEA, and school Policy
2. Utilizing Efficient Processes
3. Implementing Quality Instructional Practices
4. Identifying and Assessing Student Performance
5. Develop Stakeholder Partnerships

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My consulting services range from providing one-on-one support to teacher and leaders at the school, LEA, or SEA levels on a monthly basis to a one time interaction to provide direction and feedback on existing areas. The goals of the consultancy and the way those goals are met are determined jointly by the consultant and school or district administration. The work is very much customized and site-based to ensure desired outcomes and change that yield increases in student achievement.

My services also include creating and providing instructional stupport. This can include a range of needs from creating curriculum, developing formal and informal assessment practices, intervention or acceleration student support to teacher instructional deliverables to to support learning opportunities based on federal education policy or LEA and SEA policy that expect the use of evidence based instructional practices to meet increased learning outcomes for all. I work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results. Contact me to find out how I can help today.

Job embedded for virtual professional learning provides rich opportunities for teachers to develop and enhance their professional knowledge and practice, in order to progress the quality of learning and teaching and school improvement. Topics include, but are not limited to, Developing School Culture, The Power of Relationships, Driving Student Success Through Assessment, Teacher Collaboration, High Yeild Instructional Strategies, and Visual Representation of Content.



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Coaching leads to improved learning in the classroom by raising self-awareness, increase self-efficacy, deepens self-reflection, and delivers the most effective progress and results.  Serving as a liaison between research and practice, coachinh helps leaders and teachers learn to improve their practices in a reflective supportive setting and to use data to improve instruction on all levels.  

Fully Engage develops a number of books and resources for children and teachers on various subjects and creates highly professional, research driven documents that align to national, state, or school expectations. Resource development can save teachers significant time and effort and advance student learning inside and outside the classroom. A special aspect of Fully Engage focused on extended learing opportunities for students by using a single activity to scaffold instruction and practice.

Fully Engage ensures that all created curricula is accessible, viable, and effective as well as easily evaluated for improvement. All curricula adapt its educational activities and services to meet the needs of a the students and ensure equality. With a logical sequence and progression, curricula is designed to complement other learning programs and allows for flexibility in implementation. 



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Do you have a need or questions that need to be answered to ensure that parents and communities have the needed knowledge to support student learning such as gifted, students with disabilities, discipline consequences, and grading fairness?  Do you have questions about of equality and equity in a student's school?  Let me help navigate through unfamiliar education territories and ensure students will be successful.  I have provided my clients with a wide range of consulting services such as this.  Contact me and find out more.

This process focuses on maximizing individual student success and is a positive, success-oriented action which uses specific assessment and intervention techniques to help remove educational or behavioral behaviors for all students.  The process consists of administrators, faculty, and parents working together to identify the student’s needs, set goals, and develop an intervention plan to achieve those goals.

Compared to a mission or vision statement that may seem concrete, culture and climate is more abstract and can be harder to identify, define, and explore.The results of surveys are presented in the following sections:

  1. Introduction and Key Findings

  2. Demographics

  3. Facilities and Campus Issues

  4. Quality of Instructional Environment

  5. Support for Student Learning

  6. School Organization and Administration

  7. School Climate and Environment

  8. Relationship between Students and School 

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I have been so excited to have Fully Engage come and support the work of my students and teachers.  The professionalism, transparency, and specific feedback provide for clear understanding immediate implementation.

Dr. Shandrina Griffin-Stewart, Principal


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