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Biology Formative Assessment Tasks Links

Unit I: Stability & Change in Populations Over Time

Task 1: Cell Homeostasis Virtual Lab Click Here

Task 4: Population Biology Simulation Click HERE

Task 5: How do organisms react to changes in abiotic factors? Click HERE

Task 9: Virtual Lab: Natural Selection Click Here

Task 10: Virtual Lab: What Kills Germs Click HERE

Unit II: Patterns in Living Systems

Task 11: Watch “Living with DBA” video

Task 13: Cellular Biology Lab. Only Complete Stage 1 Click HERE

Task 14: How are living things classified into groups Click HERE

Unit III: Structure & Function of Molecular Genetics

Task 16: What is the role of DNA and RNA in protein synthesis Click HERE

Task 22: Biotechnology Knocking Out Genes Click HERE

Unit IV: Patterns of Heredity &

SelectionTask 28: How can natural selection be modeled Click HERE

Unit V: Stability & Change in Ecosystems

Task 31: How can you model a balanced marine biome Click HERE

Task 32: Man-Made Chemicals Found in Drinking Water at Low Levels Click HERE

Task 33: Bat Habitat Following Wildfire Click HERE

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